Thursday, January 3, 2008

FWS Strikes again.....

The Flightless Waterfowl Strikeforce prides itself on being on the cutting edge of more than just scissors. We have a Directorate of Initiatives in Subtle Science (DISS) which works diligently to expand our knowledge and, consequently, our power. It's always about us. Did we mention that?-- It being about us? We have done some public announcements of our work in the scientific arena which have proven entertaining to the unsuspecting.
1_02_2008 045
This particular announcement proves we are also very photogenic. A good thing as you march forth against mammalian heretics everywhere! First law of PR: Always have some PR.

Regardless of our public front, the Directorate reports potential success in its work. Apparently the FWS can employ an excess of simulated cheddar fish to incapacitate the enemy.
Findings on this study are still preliminary, but analysts expect to be able to publish formal results soon in the FWS science and medicine journal, SAAPS (Scientific Advancement in Anti Polarbear Studies) {FWS eschews publication in the industry overlord journals such as the Lancet and JAMA due to their control by self-serving mammals}.

Polar bears of the world should quake in fear of potentially attack by the Directorate's crack team. The predators need to know that at any time they could be DISSed.

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